Without getting too specific, these designs, depending on application, are meant to convey abstract ideas, processes, or ideologies that unify the Darkness. So, they’re not strictly contained to the Bog, but instead create a sense of continuity between Pyramid visuals as a whole.

The Pyramid ship on the Moon—introduced in the Shadowkeep expansion—was characterized by Nightmares. The one on Europa has the Crux of Darkness, a ziggurat, and a veiled statue that came from the perspective of worship; it also gave players Stasis. Memory played a big role in Rhulk’s ship and the Relic on Mars through Deepsight Resonant psychic abilities, worm displays, and Rhulk’s eclectic museum. Are ship designs based on a theme, or do Disciples characterize them?

It’s a bit of both, really. The ships we have seen so far definitely have unique overarching themes, but the beings that occupy them certainly influence what you may find. In some ways, this variation in visual themes is a way to show that the Darkness itself is varied, enigmatic, and complex. Much like a character, it can evolve over time, revealing new details, or creating new mysteries. This aspect is what makes it one of my favorite visuals to work on within the Destiny universe.

On Twitter, you mentioned how the colorful, game-piece-like objects in the Disciple’s Bog, Mars Relic, and the Europa Pyramid ship exhibit playfulness through “Pyramid technology.” However, I found it interesting how the Witness says, “You have no pieces left to place, the game is over,” to the Traveler at the end of The Witch Queen story. Does this playful design also represent the Witness as the ghoulish mastermind calling all the shots in this game of Light versus Darkness?

The aim of Pyramid tech was to suggest a culture that has existed long enough for art, technology, and science to converge and become indistinguishable from one another. Hopefully, this direction also creates a balance between relatability and mystery. For example, a lot of the tech pieces have recognizable elements of puzzles, games, musical instruments, and sculptures; yet although their design feels purposeful, the actual function is often unknown. As far as the relationship of these visuals to the Witness, I think they speak to the strategic and elegant nature of this being. All we know is that there is a plan and pieces are being moved into place, but more about the Witness and its role in the Light and Dark saga will be revealed soon!

The Pyramid Fleet stands apart from the flora-ridden, organic space in Garden of Salvation, where players first “met” the Darkness in the original Destiny. Even the Leviathan ship grew strange plants after its interaction with Dark forces. What sets the sleek Pyramid structures apart from other Darkness-associated places?

The Darkness is a neutral force of nature that can be interacted with in many different ways. What we’re seeing with the Pyramids is the result of the Witness’ interaction with this force. It is the physical manifestation of experiencing the Darkness through the lens of the Witness’ history, culture, and ideas. Outside of the Witness’ influence, the Darkness may take on a completely different form and be used for a completely different purpose. 

By Oscar M

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