Why wasn’t Google’s new top-level domain empathetic when listening to other people’s problems? Because it considered itself to be domain character in every situation.

Many domain shortcuts from Google are quite practical. Type doc.new in your browser’s address bar and bam! You’ve got a new Google Doc. While some of Google’s recently announced domains are focused on productivity, one new option is dedicated to everything fatherhood, embarrassing jokes and all. Welcome “.dad” to the world.

Maybe it’s been a minute since you’ve considered how “.com” is at the end of most websites. URLs often autofill after a couple taps on the keyboard, so users rarely even have to type out a full address. While you might venture over to a “.gov” domain for official paperwork or an “.io” domain for downloadable games, dot com remains the core online destination.

Will “.dad” revolutionize how we use the internet forever? Probably not. Will some of the new dad-dedicated domains make you laugh? Absolutely. Visit shortcuts like jokes.dadmeme.dad, and dad.dad to find collections of normcore humor that’s best enjoyed while wearing a pair of Crocs and cargo shorts.

Not only for joking around, the new “.dad” domains also include guidance for fathers who want to be better parents (mr.dad), better pet owners (dog.dad), and better ass shakers (dance.dad). Go ahead, listen to Christmas music all year long on the pun-tastic feliznavi.dad, or waste a few minutes mowing your 8-bit lawn to perfection on classic.dad.

Do you have your own idea for a website featuring fatherhood content? Visit get.dad to start the process of claiming a dedicated domain. Perhaps you could make all the grill masters laugh at your collection of bratwurst puns? Or you might dole out lighthearted advice to the weary fathers who keep falling asleep on the couch during basketball games? How about keeping track of all the worst fashion choices dads seem to love? Anything fun and paternal can be included as part of a “.dad” domain.

Whether your firstborn is still in diapers, your last teenager is away at college, or you never plan on having any kids at all, it feels good to laugh at dumb jokes. For a better experience online, it’s time to infuse the internet with just a little more dad humor.

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